Proceedings of the 26th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue - Poster Abstracts

Eleni Gregoromichelaki, Julian Hough, John D. Kelleher (Editors)

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Dublin, Ireland
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Understanding Fillers May Facilitate Automatic Sarcasm Comprehension: A Structural Analysis of Twitter Data and a Participant Study
Fatemeh Samadzadeh Tarighat | Walid Magdy | Martin Corley

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ConceptNet infused DialoGPT for Underlying Commonsense Understanding and Reasoning in Dialogue Response Generation
Ye Liu | Wolfgang Maier | Wolfgang Minker | Stefan Ultes

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Real-life Listening in the Lab: Does Wearing Hearing Aids Affect the Dynamics of a Group Conversation?
Eline Borch Petersen | Els Walravens | Anja Kofoed Pedersen.

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``He hasn't done much to keep it up": Annotating topoi in the balloon task
Ellen Breitholtz | Christine Howes

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Chat-o-matic: an online chat tool for collecting conversations of situated dialogue
Simon Dobnik | Aram Karimi

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Speaker transitions in 2- and 3-party conversation
Emer Gilmartin | Marcin Wlodarczak

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``Apparently acousticness is positively correlated with neuroticism": Conversational explanations of model predictions
Alexander Berman | Christine Howes

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Evaluation of a Spoken Argumentative Dialogue System for Opinion-Building
Annalena Aicher | Stefan Hillmann | Thilo Michael | Sebastian Möller | Wolfgang Minker | Stefan Ultes

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Edge Cases of Discourse Salience in American English Casual Dialogs: A New Window into the Co-Constructed Nature of Social Conversation
Alex Lưu

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The construction of stereotypes through language: the case of evidential markers
Mercedes González Vázquez

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Investigating code-switching and disfluencies in bilingual dialogue
Fahima Ayub Khan | Bill Noble

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On System-Initiated Transitions in a Unified Natural Language Generation Model for Dialogue Systems
Ye Liu | Yung-Ching Yang | Wolfgang Maier | Wolfgang Minker | Stefan Ultes

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Assessing the Literal Force Hypothesis in Unconstrained Conversation
Charles Threlkeld | JP de Ruiter

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ARCIDUCA: Annotating Reference and Coreference In Dialogue Using Conversational Agents in games
Massimo Poesio | Richard Bartle | Jon Chamberlain | Julian Hough | Chris Madge | Diego Perez-Llebana | Matt Purver | Juntao Yu

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Dialogue Policies for Confusion Mitigation in Situated HRI
Na Li | Robert Ross

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Interactivism in Spoken Dialogue Systems
Teresa Rodríguez Muñoz | Emily Ip | Guanyu Huang | Roger K. Moore

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Contingency in Child-Caregiver Naturalistic Conversation: Evidence for Mutual Influence
Charlie Hallart | Morgane Peirolo | Zihan Xu | Abdellah Fourtassi

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An Approach to Model Self-imposed Filter Bubbles
Annalena Aicher | Wolfgang Minker | Stefan Ultes

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Mutual gaze detection and estimation: towards human-robot interaction
Vidya Somashekarappa | Christine Howes | Asad Sayeed

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Which stress is on PRPs?
Maryam Mohammadi

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Developing a Dataset for Classifying Intents and Sentiments from Judicial Conversations
Palash Nandi | Pinaki Karkun | Chitra Maji | Adrija Karmakar | Protyush Jana | Arunima Roy | Dipankar Das