Proceedings of the 26th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue - Full Papers

Eleni Gregoromichelaki, Julian Hough, John D. Kelleher (Editors)

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Dublin, Ireland
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The Integrated Model of Memory: a dialogical perspective
Jonathan Ginzburg | Andy Lücking

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Caregivers Exaggerate Their Lexical Alignment to Young Children Across Several Cultures
Thomas Misiek | Abdellah Fourtassi

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Dialogue strategies for... cómo se dice entrenamiento de vocabulario?
Andrea Carrión Del Fresno | Vladislav Maraev | Staffan Larsson

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How to repair a slip of the tongue?
Andy Lücking | Jonathan Ginzburg

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Participants seek shared outlooks in non-canonical disagreements: Evidence from a corpus of dyadic conversation in English
John Duff | Lalitha Balachandran

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Classifying the Response Space of Questions: A Machine Learning Approach
Zulipiye Yusupujiang | Alafate Abulimiti | Jonathan Ginzburg

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The Symbol Grounding Problem Re-framed as Concreteness-Abstractness Learned through Spoken Interaction
Casey Kennington | Osama Natouf

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Comparing Regression Methods for Dialogue System Evaluation on a Richly Annotated Corpus
Kallirroi Georgila

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Adjacency Pairs in Common Ground Update: Assertions, Questions, Greetings, Offers, Commands
Manfred Krifka

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Rational Speech Act models are utterance-independent updates of world priors
Jean-Philippe Bernardy | Julian Grove | Christine Howes

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Relationality is Not Enough: The Organization of Dynamic Structures
Maximilian Zachrau

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Interactive and Cooperative Delivery of Referring Expressions: A Comparison of Three Algorithms
Jana Götze | Karla Friedrichs | David Schlangen

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Grounding Novel Utterances in Visual Dialogue
Mert Inan | Malihe Alikhani

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What to refer to and when? Reference and re-reference in two language-and-vision tasks
Simon Dobnik | Nikolai Ilinykh | Aram Karimi

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Language and Cognition as Distributed Process and Interactions
Eleni Gregoromichelaki | Arash Eshghi | Christine Howes | Gregory Mills | Ruth Kempson | Julian Hough | Patrick Healey | Matthew Purver

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Gesture and Part-of-Speech Alignment in Dialogues
Zohreh Khosrobeigi | Maria Koutsombogera | Carl Vogel

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Coordinating taxonomical and observational meaning: The case of genus-differentia definitions
Bill Noble | Staffan Larsson | Robin Cooper

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Focus negation in formal grammar
Kata Balogh

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Conversation and mood in European Portuguese
Rui Marques