Proceedings of the 24th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue - Full Papers

Sophia Malamud, James Pustejovsky, Jonathan Ginzburg (Editors)

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Virtually at Brandeis, Waltham, New Jersey
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Discourse Coherence, Reference Grounding and Goal Oriented Dialogue
Baber Khalid | Malihe Alikhani | Michael Fellner | Brian McMahan | Matthew Stone

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Investigating the Semantic Wave in Tutorial Dialogues: An Annotation Scheme and Corpus Study on Analogy Components
Jorge Del-Bosque-Trevino | Julian Hough | Matthew Purver

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Let's do that first! A Comparative Analysis of Instruction-Giving in Human-Human and Human-Robot Situated Dialogue
Matthew Marge | Felix Gervits | Gordon Briggs | Matthias Scheutz | Antonio Roque

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Pro-Active Systems and Influenceable Users: Simulating Pro-Activity in Task-oriented Dialogues
Vevake Balaraman | Bernardo Magnini

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On Laughter and Forgetting and Reconversing: A Neurologically-Inspired Model of Conversational Context
Jonathan Ginzburg | Andy Lücking

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Different Games in Dialogue: Combining Character and Conversational Types in Strategic Choice
Alafate Abulimiti

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An Outline of a Model of Situated Discourse Representation and Processing
David Schlangen

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Semantics with Feeling: Emotions for Abstract Embedding, Affect for Concrete Grounding
Daniele Moro | Gerardo Caracas | David McNeill | Casey Kennington

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Overcoming Distances -- The Usage of Calling Contours to Initiate Dialogues
Jakob Maché

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Comparing Models of Speakers' and Listeners' Head Nods
Tom Gurion | Patrick Healey | Julian Hough

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Commitments in German Tag Questions: An Experimental Study
Yulia Clausen | Tatjana Scheffler

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The Contribution of Dialogue Act Labels for Convergence Studies in Natural Conversations
Simone Fuscone | Benoit Favre | Laurent Prvot

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Towards the Score of Communication
Andy Lücking | Jonathan Ginzburg

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Classification of Low-Agreement Pronouns Through Collaborative Dialogue: A Proof of Concept
Janosch Haber | Massimo Poesio

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Communicable Reasons: How Children Learn Topoi Through Dialogue
Ellen Breitholtz | Christine Howes

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Extensions Are Indeterminate if Intensions Are Classifiers
Staffan Larsson

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There Is As Yet Insufficient Data for a Meaningful Answer
Maria Boritchev | Maxime Amblard

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Dialogue Informing Syntax/Semantics: The Case of Afterthoughts
Stergios Chatzikyriakidis

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Affordance Competition in Dialogue: The Case of Syntactic Universals
Eleni Gregoromichelaki | Stergios Chatzikyriakidis | Arash Eshghi | Julian Hough | Christine Howes | Ruth Kempson | Jieun Kiaer | Matthew Purver | Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh | Graham White

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A Multi-level Framework for Understanding Spoken Dialogue Using Topic Detection
Andrew Valenti | Ravenna Thielstrom | Michael Gold | Felix Gervits | Matthias Scheutz

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How to Say Things with Hand Gestures
Sandy Ciroux