Proceedings of the 19th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue - Poster Abstracts

Christine Howes, Staffan Larsson (Editors)

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Gothenburg, Sweden
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The significance of silence: Long gaps attenuate the preference for `yes' responses in conversation
Sara Bögels | Kobin Kendrick | Stephen Levinson

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Within reason: Categorising enthymematic reasoning in the balloon task
Ellen Breitholtz | Christine Howes

pdf bib
Context influence vs efficiency in establishing conventions: Communities do it better
Lucia Castillo | Holly Branigan | Kenny Smith

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Are response particles not well understood? Yes/No, they aren’t! An experimental study on German ja and nein
Berry Claus | Marlijn Meijer | Sophie Repp | Manfred Krifka

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KILLE: Learning objects and spatial relations with kinect
Erik de Graaf | Simon Dobnik

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Demonstrating the dialogue system of the intelligent coaching space
Iwan de Kok | Julian Hough | Felix Hülsmann | Thomas Waltema | Mario Botsch | David Schlangen | Stefan Kopp

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Non-sentential utterances in dialogue: Experiments in classification and interpretation
Paolo Dragone | Pierre Lison

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DS-TTR: An incremental, semantic, contextual parser for dialogue
Arash Eshghi

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What could interaction mean in natural language and how could it be useful?
Christophe Fouqueré | Myriam Quatrini

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Towards the automatic extraction of corrective feedback in child-adult dialogue
Sarah Hiller | Raquel Fernandez

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Spot the difference - A dialog system to explore turn-taking in an interactive setting
Anna Hjalmarsson | Margaret Zellers

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Eye blinking as addressee feedback in face-to-face conversation
Paul Hömke | Judith Holler | Stephen C. Levinson

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A reusable interaction management module: Use case for empathic robotic tutoring
Srinivasan Janarthanam | Helen Hastie | Amol Deshmukh | Ruth Aylett | Mary Ellen Foster

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Concern-alignment analysis of consultation dialogues
Yasuhiro Katagiri | Katsuya Takanashi

pdf bib
The interactive building of names
Ruth Kempson | Stergios Chatzikyriakidis | Ronnie Cann

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Playing a real-world reference game using the words-as-classifiers model of reference resolution
Casey Kennington | Soledad Lopez Gambino | David Schlangen

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The state of the art in dealing with user answers
Staffan Larsson

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Polish event-linking devices of przed `before' cluster in conversational data – Implications for contrastive analysis
Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk

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Developing spoken dialogue systems with the OpenDial toolkit
Pierre Lison | Casey Kennington

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CCG for discourse
Sumiyo Nishiguchi

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Experimenting with grounding strategies in dialogue
Volha Petukhova | Harry Bunt | Andrei Malchanau | Ramkumar Aruchamy

pdf bib
Self awareness for better common ground
Ondřej Plátek | Filip Juříček

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Adaptive dialogue management in the KRISTINA project for multicultural health care applications
Louisa Pragst | Stefan Ultes | Matthias Kraus | Wolfgang Minker

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Toward a scary comparative corpus: The Werewolf spoken corpus
Laurent Prévot | Yao Yao | Arnaud Gingold | Bernard Bel | Kam Yiu Joe Chan

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Towards a layered framework for embodied language processing in situated human-robot interaction
Matthias A. Priesters | Malte Schilling | Stefan Kopp

pdf bib
How questions and answers cohere
Mandy Simons

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Modeling referential coordination as a particle swarm optimization task
Hodgdon Stevens | Hannah Rohde

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Distribution of non-sentential utterances across BNC genres: A preliminary report
Kwong-Cheong Wong | Jonathan Ginzburg

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Interactive learning through dialogue for multimodal language grounding
Yanchao Yu | Oliver Lemon | Arash Eshghi