Proceedings of the 17th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue - Full Papers

Raquel Fernández, Amy Isard (Editors)

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Demand Characteristics as a Tool for Evaluating the Design of Collaborative Tasks
Ed Baggs

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Update conditions and intensionality in a type-theoretic approach to dialogue semantics
Robin Copper

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Visual and linguistic predictors for the definiteness of referring expressions
Manjuan Duan | Micha Elsner | Marie-Catherine de Marneffe

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People hesitate more, talk less to virtual interviewers than to human interviewers
Fauren Faust | Ron Artstein

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On the use of social signal for reward shaping in reinforcement learning for dialogue management
Emmanuel Ferreira | Fabrice Lefèvre

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When Apples Mean Oranges: Lexical De-Entrainment and Alignment Theories
Christina Freihorst | Simón Algorta | Vivien Mast | Robert Porzel

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The earliest utterances in dialogue: towards a formal theory of parent/child talk in interaction
Jonathan Ginzburg | Sara Moradlou

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English reverse prosody in responses to yes-no questions
Daniel Goodhue | James Pickett | Michael Wagner

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Effects of Belief and Memory on Strategic Negotiation
Markus Guhe | Alex Lascarides | Kevin O'Connor | Verena Rieser

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Modelling Expectation in the Self-Repair Processing of Annotat-, um, Listeners
Julian Hough | Matthew Purver

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Be Open To Computer Based Coaching
Daniel Mäurer | Anna Bruns | Karsten Weihe

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If you repeat your interlocutor's syntactic structure, you are likely to repeat her pronunciation, too
Marie Postma-Nilsenova | Lisette Mol | Naomi Kamoen

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Learning new words in unfamiliar frames from direct and indirect teaching
Katharina Rohlfing | Juana Salas Poblete | Frank Joublin

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The Roadsigns of Communication
Tania Rojas-Esponda

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Incomplete Answers and the Rise-Fall-Rise Contour
Michael Wagner | Elise McClay | Lauren Mak

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`Attention, I'm violating a maxim!' A unifying account of the final rise
Matthijs Westera

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Multimodal Prediction of Psychological Disorder: Learning Nonverbal Commonality in Adjacency Pairs
Zhou Yu | Stefan Scherer | David Devault | Jon Gratch | Giota Stratou | Louis-Philippe Morency | Justine Cassell