Proceedings of the 15th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue - Poster Abstracts

Ron Artstein, Mark Core, David DeVault, Elsi Kaiser, Amanda Stent (Editors)

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Los Angeles, California
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Dialog Acts from the Processing Perspective in Task Oriented Dialog Systems
Markus Berg | Bernhard Thalheim | Antje Düsterhöft

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Unveiling the Information State with a Bayesian Model of the Listener
Hendrik Buschmeier | Stefan Kopp

pdf bib
Gestures Supporting Dialogue Structure and Interaction in the Bielefeld Speech and Gesture Alignment Corpus (SaGA)
Florian Hahn | Hannes Rieser

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Cognitive Models of Failure and Recovery in Natural Language Interactions - A Joint Actions Approach
Arthi Murugesan | Derek Brock | Wende K. Frost | Dennis Perzanowski

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Tracking Communication and Belief in Virtual Worlds
Antonio Roque

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Towards Speaker Adaptation for Dialogue Act Recognition
Congkai Sun | Louis-Philippe Morency

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A Smart Interaction Device for Multi-Modal Human-Robot Dialogue
Glenn Taylor | Richard Frederiksen | Jacob Crossman | Jonathan Voigt | Kyle Aron

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Effects of 2D and 3D Displays on Turn-taking Behavior in Multiparty Human-Computer Dialog
Gabriel Skantze

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Optional visual information affects conversation content
Richard Andersson | Jana Holsanova | Kenneth Holmqvist

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How deeply rooted is turn-taking?
Jens Edlund

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Pause length variations within and between speakers over time
Kristina Lundholm

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The impact of gender and bilingualism on cognition: the case of spatial perspective-taking
Rachel A. Ryskin | Sarah Brown-Schmidt

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Timing in turn-taking: Children's responses to their parents' questions
Marisa Tice | Susan C. Bobb | Eve V. Clark

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The eye gaze of 3rd party observers reflects turn-end boundary projection
Marisa Tice | Tania Henetz

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The Structure of Greetings and Farewells/Thankings
Karen Duchaj | Jeanine Ntihirageza

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Concern Alignment in Consensus Building Conversations
Yasuhiro Katagiri | Katsuya Takanashi | Masato Ishizaki | Mika Enomoto | Yasuharu Den | Yosuke Matsusaka

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The emergence of procedural conventions in dialogue
Gregory Mills

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Modelling Non-Cooperative Dialogue: the Role of Conversational Games and Discourse Obligations
Brian Plüss | Paul Piwek | Richard Power