Patrick Healey

Also published as: Patrick G. T. Healey, Pat Healey, Patrick G.T. Healey


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Language and Cognition as Distributed Process and Interactions
Eleni Gregoromichelaki | Arash Eshghi | Christine Howes | Gregory Mills | Ruth Kempson | Julian Hough | Patrick Healey | Matthew Purver


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Comparing Models of Speakers' and Listeners' Head Nods
Tom Gurion | Patrick Healey | Julian Hough


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Posture Shifts in Conversation: An Exploratory Study with Textile Sensors
Sophie Skach | Patrick G. T. Healey

pdf bib
Co-ordination of Head Nods: Asymmetries between Speakers and Listeners
Leshao Zhang | Patrick G. T. Healey


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Real-time testing of non-verbal interaction: An experimental method and platform
Tom Gurion | Patrick G.T. Healey | Julian Hough

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Self-Repetition in Dialogue and Monologue
Patrick Healey | Matthew Purver


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Taking a stance: A corpus study of reported speech
Shauna Concannon | Pat Healey | Matthew Purver

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Shifting opinions: Experiments on agreement and disagreement in dialogue
Shauna Concannon | Pat Healey | Matthew Purver


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The Pragmatics of Aesthetic Assessment in Conversation
Saul Albert | Patrick G. T. Healey

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The Use of Gesture to Communicate about Felt Experiences
Nicola Plant | Patrick G. T. Healey

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Helping the medicine go down: Repair and adherence in patient-clinician dialogues
Christine Howes | Matt Purver | Rose McCabe | Patrick G. T. Healey | Mary Lavelle


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Structural Divergence in Dialogue
Patrick G. T. Healey


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Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue - Front Matter
Jonathan Ginzburg | Pat Healey | Yo Sato


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Group Dialects in an Online Community
Pat Healey | Carl Vogel | Arash Eshghi


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Clarifying spatial descriptions: Local and global effects on semantic co-ordination
Gregory J. Mills | Patrick G. T. Healey