Eleni Gregoromichelaki


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Proceedings of the 26th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue - Front Matter
Eleni Gregoromichelaki | Julian Hough | John D. Kelleher

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Language and Cognition as Distributed Process and Interactions
Eleni Gregoromichelaki | Arash Eshghi | Christine Howes | Gregory Mills | Ruth Kempson | Julian Hough | Patrick Healey | Matthew Purver


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Affordance Competition in Dialogue: The Case of Syntactic Universals
Eleni Gregoromichelaki | Stergios Chatzikyriakidis | Arash Eshghi | Julian Hough | Christine Howes | Ruth Kempson | Jieun Kiaer | Matthew Purver | Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh | Graham White


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Normativity, Meaning Plasticity, and the Significance of Vector Space Semantics
Eleni Gregoromichelaki | Christine Howes | Arash Eshghi | Ruth Kempson | Julian Hough | Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh | Matthew Purver | Gijs Wijnholds


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Establishing coherence in dialogue: sequentiality, intentions and negotiation
Gregory Mills | Eleni Gregoromichelaki

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Splitting the “I”s and Crossing the “You”s: Context, Speech Acts and Grammar
Matthew Purver | Eleni Gregoromichelaki | Wilfried Meyer-Viol | Ronnie Cann


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How mechanistic can accounts of interaction be?
Ruth Kempson | Eleni Gregoromichelaki | Matt Purver | Greg Mills | Andrew Gargett | Christine Howes


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Dialogue-Grammar Correspondence in Dynamic Syntax
Andrew Gargett | Eleni Gregoromichelaki | Christine Howes | Yo Sato


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Incremental Fragment Construal
Ruth Kempson | Andrew Gargett | Eleni Gregoromichelaki